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Communication multicanale, communication digitale, RP




86 avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris

Tél. : 01 53 42 18 90
Fax : 01 53 42 18 99

Présentation de la société INDIGENUS France


Never stuck for a solution. Never stuck letting the landscape
determine your direction.
When Indigenus is your global Healthwellness Communication
Network, nothing is an obstacle. Everything is an opportunity.

There is no corner of the world we can't reach. Across brand
portfolios, our proven multilocal model drives top line growth
through creativity and innovation, and improves the bottom line
through quality and value. We do this by being where you must
be - 16 key developed and emerging markets - and by creating
savings with global transcreation centers that serve secondary
markets, mature brands, and local adaptation projects.

Yes, we have the full range of service offerings you'd expect from a modern global network. We maneuver to implement them with award-winning creative vision and astute local insight to deliver exactly what our clients need.

We've set up global transcreation centers that are able to derive full value from lean budgets. These centers are uniquely adept at supporting a broad portfolio of brands in various stages of their lifecycles, allowing us to deliver significant cost savings without compromising quality, impact, or timing.

- Creative services
- Brand management
- Digital, mobile, & multimedia
- Social media
- Multichannel strategy
- Global transcreation centers
- Account planning & research
- Medical strategy & consent
- Access & payer strategy
- Analytics & operations
- Medical Education & training
- Managed markets
- Public relations
- Media planning

Few things in this world flow with the same freedom as an idea. Fewer things catch on and make an impact as a good idea. And nothing cuts across cultures as effectively as an exceptional idea.

Unstuck thinkings has a way of garnering attention.
Since 2011, Industry awards have acknowledged our ideas more than 200 times.
Member of EACA-Health Communication Council

Australia - Belgium - Brazil - Canada - France - Germany - India - Italy - Japan - Mexico - New Zealand - Poland - Spain - Sweden - Turkey - United Kingdom - United States

  • Année de création : 2004